Technology brings your data to life. It provides meaning to your end-users and customers. In the world of information management, it is rare to find a single software application which can address the demands of spatial data processing and management. Depending on your existing needs, whether internal or customer-driven, your software and deliverable requirements can change throughout a project's life cycle.

Mercator Consulting LLC has comprehensive experience using and implementing a diverse suite of software applications, data products and technologies. Mercator Consulting LLC's foundation was built on developing effective relationships with its technology providers. Below are a list of representative applications and technologies that Mercator Consulting LLC has first-hand experience using, deploying and managing.

Submarine Cable & Pipeline Route Design, Engineering, Visualization

Hydrographic Surveying & Data Processing

GIS, Mapping & Visualization

Spatial ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading)

Web & Server Applications

Operating Systems & Databases

Commercial & Public-Domain Data Products

There is a vast amount of public-domain data available online. As with any information you find on the internet, its source, composition and rights of use need to be understood. Mercator Consulting LLC has many years of experience addressing these issues.


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